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The MTB route planner just graduated from its master’s program so it’s time to hit the trails

Route Planner

June 14, 2024

There are two types of people in the world: Those who wing it, and those who gather all the information and make a plan. Our MTB router is now the perfect blend of both. It’s got the style of the see-what-happens folk, but the background planning of the local trail legend — full of knowledge on the exact trails to take for the best, most whoop-inducing ride. 

With improved trail knowledge and the ability to understand more intricate map data,

Navigating road, gravel, and touring rides is now smoother and elicits more unadulterated joy

Route Planner

June 7, 2024

We’ve been spring cleaning and tweaking komoot’s routing features to minimize disruptions to your adventure and add even more flow into your rides. 

Sometimes the router tries a little too hard to direct you along the nicest road or take a more efficient route. While its intentions are good, it’s been known to shortcut a hairpin in favor of… well… leading you across a car park. Because we never want to cheat a cyclist out of a beautiful hairpin,

Stick to smoother tarmac for added road riding bliss

Route Planner

June 7, 2024

We’ve tweaked the route planner so it now more intelligently judges road surfaces. This is great news for roadies, as you’ll be routed on smoother roads and have less chance of being deviated onto something that bike tourers and gravel riders would prefer. Extra smooth, extra fun.

Now discover multi-day bikepacking routes the same way you find any other Tours

May 10, 2024

There are tons of fantastic bikepacking routes on komoot and we’ve updated the Tour search to make them easier to find. Now, when you select ‘bikepacking’ as your sport in the search criteria, the routes will appear on the map. You can adjust the filters to select the number of days, type of bike, and distance from where you search. Looking for a 3-day route within 50 miles of London? No problem. 

When you tap a bikepacking route on mobile,

Oh, hello! Find Tours and plan your own adventures from the new ‘Routes’ tab

Route Planner

May 3, 2024

Behind the scenes here the improvements never stop, and we’re excited to show you the latest boost to adventure finding on komoot. 

There’s a new menu layout in town and it’s the pretty face of improved usability, more logical route finding, and a boat load of smaller tweaks that, when grouped together, equal a seriously slick user experience. Kind of like the best hike you’ve ever done, with views, snacks, friends, surprise sights, and a smile

Build the habit of adventure with the new streak

May 1, 2024

You’ll now see your streak in your komoot profile, helping you build the habit of adventure. 

Your streak is the number of weeks in a row you’ve recorded or uploaded an activity of 15 minutes or more, or multiple activities that add up to at least 15 minutes over the week. Why 15 minutes? The adventure streak isn’t about who can spend the most time outdoors or who can do the most distance. Instead, it’s a nudge to remind you to head outside

You can now use sport-specific maps on your Garmin device when you have komoot Premium


April 30, 2024

When you use the komoot map on your Garmin® device and have komoot Premium, you’ll now see the same sport-specific markings as you do when planning. This means official cycle, MTB, and hiking routes; MTB difficulty markers; and trailmarkers (on-trail directional marking or symbols, e.g. the Camino de Santiago scallop) will show up on your Garmin smartwatch or bike computer, depending on what sport you’re doing. This helps you better keep an

Celebrate comments you like by tapping the heart icon


April 17, 2024

You’ve been able to tap the heart icon on Tours and Collections for a while, but now we’ve added this icon to comments as well. This useful little social feature means you can show your appreciation for individual comments.  Just tap the icon beneath a comment to like it. Plus, if you’re on Android, you can also double-tap the comment to do the same. Tap the icon again to remove your like at any time. 

Interested to see who else has liked a

Record on your Apple Watch and see your Tours on komoot


April 17, 2024

When you connect your Apple Health account with your komoot profile, you’ll now be able to see all your completed activities in komoot. This is a great way to see all your adventures in one place, share your hikes, rides, and runs from Apple on komoot, and add photos to your Tours. Got Apple Health? Just head to the Connections section of your komoot settings to get started.

Keep everyone on the right track with our new group Tours feature


March 25, 2024

The group Tours feature allows you to invite others on your adventure, make live route updates, and keep everyone on the right track no matter their pace. Just head to one of your planned Tours and tap the ‘Organize a group hike’ (or ride, or run). Invite your adventure buddies and when you start navigating on the trails, your whole group gets a notification and can navigate the same Tour on their phones or Garmin® devices. Friends can even join

Look out for our updated symbols across komoot maps

Route Planner

March 22, 2024

While we love a big feature release, our seemingly small improvements can make big impacts too. Over the last few months, we’ve been working on an array of updates and upgrades to our maps, improving clarity, inclusivity, and usability. 

Our latest map tweaks include:

    Making nature reserves and other protected areas visually clearer to differentiate them from surrounding landscape

    Switching the non-secular cross symbol for the more inclusive

Find a friend’s profile quickly via a QR code


March 18, 2024

You can now scan your new adventure buddy’s profile QR code and be taken straight to their komoot profile. Or, you can show them your profile’s QR code and they can follow you quickly and easily too. This makes it simple to follow new trail friends on komoot when you’ve met out in the wild. 

To share your QR code on the mobile app, just head your profile and click the share icon. On web, navigate to your profile and click ‘Share profile’ or